Our offering for professional services

An all-in-one solution to cover the CRM, Marketing and Project Administration needs of a Professional Services organization

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Private Cloud standard

Our standard offer covers all base needs of a Professional Services organization. It is based upon Odoo v9, supplemented with Smart extensions.

Functionality included

(for more info, see further down)

  • CRM
  • Marketing including lead automation
  • Event management
  • Blogs and Forums
  • Projects fix price, pre-paid, T&M or mix
  • Project profitability
  • Time sheetss
  • Invoicing
  • Base set-up for accounting

Smart extensions

(for more info, see further down)

  • Smart add-on for email integration
  • Smart ticket handling for request and helpdesk management
  • Smart T&M invoice


  • English
  • French
  • Dutch


  • 100 € / month by pack of 5 users
  • Starters pack of 4000 €, including
    • set-up of system and personalized support portal
    • 4 hours of free guidance
    • 32 hours for improvement work

On Premise standard

An On Premise installation is sometimes preferred to allow for more control over the environment, and easier interfacing with sattelite systems.

Functionality included

Our offer for on premise involves the same standard functionality as listed for the Private Cloud environment.

(For more info on the standard functionality, see futher down)


  • Dutch
  • French
  • English


  • Starters pack of 9000 €, including
    • installation
    • set-up of system and personalized support portal
    • 4 hours of free guidance
    • 32 hours for improvement work


Extend your environment in one of many ways

Odoo Enterprise

Upgrade your contract to Odoo Enterprise to benefit from security updates, new releases and specific extras including

  • Accounting: banking integration with CODA imports and SEPA payments or collections
  • Sales: subscriptions and eSignature
  • HR appraisals
  • Web site form builder
  • Marketing email templates
  • Support for mobile


Odoo Enterprise involves an extra cost of 100 € by pack of 5 users (annually billed). A switch from Odoo Standard to Odoo Enterprise is always possible, but when not on the latest release of Odoo, an upcharge will be applied for the first year only. For software upgrades, estimates of required effort are communicated first. In case of Private Cloud, the effort for upgrade will be published with each new release coming out.

Finance reporting pack

Our finance reporting pack offers extensive selection and reporting capabilities for accounting.
For a detailed overview, see the following link.


For Private Cloud: 40 € / month (annually billed)
For On Premise: 2000 € (one-off)

Our standard offering.

Our standard offer covers all base needs of a Professional Services Organization.
See below for further info

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Leverage Odoo and Smart Solution extensions to track leads, close opportunities and get better visibility over possible sales

Your sales funnel the way you like it

Complete history on interactions for leads and opportunities

Easy follow-up of actions

Smart add-on for email integration

Forward emails selectively to catch-all email addresses for automatic linking with lead or opportunity cases

Possible extensions for use on tablet


Design email campaigns

Execute email campaigns with tracking response

Output is dynamically adapt to your reader’s access device, be it a laptop or smartphone

Lead automation

Attribute a score to subscribers who interact with your emails for more efficient conversion


Easily create and publish events

Automate registration, linked with your web site

Manage participants

Print registration forms

Generate invoices automatically and follow-up on payment

Blogs and Forums

Use Odoo as way to publish useful articles via blogs

Use Odoo as a platform to interact within a community over a forum


Define projects and tasks

Discuss on tasks and share notes

Track issues for follow-up of specific problems or requests for projects or tasks

Ensure efficient project follow-up with progresss bars

Get an easy view on cost and revenue at project level

Smart ticket handling – easier management of requests and tickets

Smart Solution has extended Odoo’s functionality for more efficient helpdesk and change request management.

  • Issues reference a task
    Time can be entered for a specific issue, under the umbrella of a main task. When time is entered for an issue, it will be reflected in the time sheet activity, for the specific issue, and also for the parent task. The time sheet view has been extended to show task and issue detail. By working this way, we can distinguish between planning at aggregate level (task level) vs reporting at a more detailed level (issue level).
  • Interaction with customer
    Issues get published via a portal for optimal interaction with your customer. The issues get shown by stage, and possible actions are guided via workflow.
  • Get full transparency about approvals for planned work
    Use the actions and comments to get full transparency as regards authorizations for planned work.
  • Estimates for work can be stored at issue level.
  • Issues can be flagged as ‘under warranty’. If so, the time which is spent on these issues can continue to be tracked on the project (as a cost), but will be excluded from the ‘delivered quantity’ counter for pre-paid and T&M contracts.

Time sheets

  • Track time at projects, task or issue level


Smart Solution has developed best practice approaches to support pre-paid, fix price and time&material contracts.

Fix price projects consist of specific sales order items which get invoiced upon delivery. Time can be tracked by task or issue. Both revenue and costs get summarized at project level.

Pre-paid projects are invoiced based upon the ordered quantity. A project is automatically created for tracking of time. The project can be extended with tasks or issues for tracking of time at a more detailed level. When the target quantity gets exceeded, the sales order gets marked for upselling.

Time&material projects get invoiced based upon time spent. In the case of a flat rate, the sales order looks very simple with a single line, but the corresponding project can be extended with tasks and issues for tracking of time and progress at a more detailed level. In the case of tasks with different rates, tasks will be defined as separate sales order lines. These tasks get automatically defined at project level for tracking of spent time.

Fix price projects with some extra T&M activities can be easily modelled as well. The sales order will consist of specific milestones as well as one or more extra lines for T&M work. The corresponding project will be extended with tasks to absorb the time which is needed for the milestone related work.

Smart Solution has experience with specific cases, including the following

  • Approach for dealing with work under guarantee
  • Approach for dealing with T&M work at reduced rates
  • Re-invoicing of expenses at cost or pre-agreed rate

Smart add-on for T&M invoice

In standard Odoo, a separate time sheet report still needs to be printed, for justification of an invoice for a T&M project. With this add-on, the time records get linked with the invoice, such that the invoice can be printed, with a detailed time sheet summary on the back-side of it. The add-on includes  the following:

  • When generating an invoice, it is possible to select a cut-off date for inclusion of all time records, eg during the first week of the new month, the invoice can be raised for all services of the preceding month
  • When generating an invoice, time records get marked with the invoice id; when deleting a draft invoice, the id gets removed
  • The invoice layout has been improved to include the time sheet details on the back side of the invoice
  • Once an invoice is validated, it is no longer possible to change the related time sheet records


Have everything integrated with accounting

  • Incoming and outgoing invoices
  • Bank statements
  • Follow-up of payments
  • Analysis and basic reporting

Smart Finance reporting pack

This reporting pack leverages Jasper Reports in combination with Odoo v9 Community for generation of pdf and xls reports for the following

​Report Selection criteria Specifics
​General ledger
Trial balance
Partner history
VAT report

A personalized support environment

We apply best practises to bring control and results in balance!
Improvements are identified, estimated and managed via workflow, prior to release onto your live environment

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Have control over continuous improvement - make use of our dashboard for tracking and approval of requests

Smart Solution provides a controlled environment in support of continuous improvement. Choose the speed you prefer and avoid surprises.

Your benefits

  • step by step
  • estimates by extension and control over your budget
  • start careful - extend where justified or needed
  • continuous alignment between Smart Solution and yourself
  • No surprises!